Cruis'n Blast: How to edit cars quickly

In Cruis'n Blast, all cars / vehicles have individual levels. These steps allow a further adaptation of their rides like neon underwear and


In Cruis'n Blast, all cars / vehicles have individual levels. These steps enable further adaptation of their trips such as neon underwear and ornaments for their rims, stickers, bodykits and their engine.

While all the above-mentioned technically referred to as upgrades in the game, they are mostly cosmetic. However, if you level a vehicle, its total statistics increase. If you bring a certain ride to your highest potential, you can drive in Cruis'n tour mode easier through all Cup tours. Here is a technique with which you can quickly improve your journey to get an advantage over your competition.

How to improve your rides in Cruis'n Blast

In this game you can collect experience points by driving races. If you take a higher place, get more per race. The maximum you can get per race is 1,000 xp, but only if you reach first place. The length of the route does not matter and also the level of difficulty you set plays no role.

(Nintendo Switch) Cruis'N Blast unboxing The fastest way to lose my favorite vehicles is to unlock the UFO Tour Cup. Once you have unlocked it via the Cruis'n Tour mode, go to single-race mode. Choose the third track, British invasion. Play this on the difficulty level easily and repeat the race just until you reach your vehicle level 5.

The reason why I decided for British invasion is that it is one of the shortest tracks in the game. My personal best is 43 seconds. If you are constantly gaining the first place on this route, these 1K XP bonuses will stack in a short time.

Alternatively, you can simply select a different Cup tour and drive in the third level. At Cruis'n Blast every third race is the shortest race. You should always end these tracks in less than a minute.

You can also simply play the game normally and build the XP rack alone, but these later difficulties are not a joke. The CPUs tend to the rubber band and literally no scope when you stand at the top of the ranks.

Cruis'n Blast is now available for the Nintendo Switch. You can read our review of the game here along with all instructions by clicking here.