Carmelo Anthony Pink Diamond card as a star reward for 2K22 Season 1

2K is frequently chastised for the game's microtransactions, and the MyTeam mode appears on nearly every wanted poster of the accusers

2K is frequently chastised for the game's microtransactions, and the MyTeam mode appears on nearly every wanted poster of the accusers. If there is NBA MT support for an entry into draft mode, it is likely that there will be some criticism. 


For the time being, we can begin to earn the Season 1 rewards, which are referred to as Call to Ball. When you reach level 40 in NBA 2K22: My Team Season 1, you'll receive a Carmelo Anthony Pink Diamond card as a star reward. NBA 2K22 was released last Friday in stores, featuring a My Team mode that includes a slew of new features, the most notable of which is the Draft, as well as a new game mode that will be released at the end of the year and about which little is known at this time. 

The season pass, which is, as always, free, contains a Pink Diamond card from Carmelo Anthony (Knicks) at level 40, although we can also obtain other cards along the way, such as Kelly Tripucka Diamond, Vin Baker Amethyst, or Brian Winters Ruby, among others. In addition, the pass will grant us access to other rewards such as envelopes, tokens, sneakers, and contracts, among other things.

The main rewards of the Season can be found in the online game modes. Glenn Robinson Pink Diamond is available in Draft, while in the relaunched Triple Threat Online: The 100, we will have the opportunity to obtain Gus Gerard Diamante if we reach the highest level, and we are fortunate that he will be on the panel. Wilt Chamberlain and Devin Booker, both Pink Diamonds, are available in both Unlimited and Limited editions.

Meanwhile, in Triple Threat Offline, the main reward is Ron Boone Diamante, though we all know that in order to obtain this, the vault must be opened in this manner. Regarding Domination, the main reward for the Current is Draymond Green Amethyst, while the main reward for the Historical is Bob Cousy Diamond. As is customary, while we are completing them, we can earn additional rewards such as tokens or other cards, such as the Chris Boucher, Harrison Barnes, or Miles Bridges Sapphire, for example.

Finally, we still have time to redeem a dress code in order to receive an envelope from the first ever Colossal collection, which includes players such as Shaquille O'Neal, Deron Williams, and Manu Ginobili. This year, to do so, we must go to the MyTeam Community Center, select the mode's start menu, select the Dress Code option, and enter the following code: welcome-to-myteam-call-to-ball.

By contrast, the MLB The Show equivalent to 2K22 MT Draft, Battle Royale, does require a Stubs purchase, as does Madden's MUT Draft. However, when compared to MyTeam, the mode is significantly less of a Stubs and microtransaction drain, at least in the case of BR. Additionally, there are entire weeks when Sony allows free BR entries. If 2K decides to include a VC buy-in for MyTeam Draft, we can only hope that they will follow this model.


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