Learning how to make more Gil as a Carpenter

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Learning how to make more Gil as a Carpenter is a bit trickier than the rest. Depending on the patch, Carpenter swaps with Weaver, Leatherworker, and Goldsmith on the newest accessories but rarely gets any big-ticket items only they can craft. There are of course bows, staves, and fishing rods that only Carpenter can craft but as Tomestones or crafting and gathering scrips can be exchanged for equal or better items, woodworking is not the easiest way to make bank. However, by leveling Botanist for strong synergy and lower crafting prices, as well as focusing on a few key categories, Carpenter can eventually compete with the best of them. Here’s everything we know about how to make more Gil as a Carpenter in Final Fantasy XIV.

To really optimize your lumber supply chain, check the recipes that require the lumber you are making and put up stacks equalling the amount needed per craft. For example, the Aesthete’s Raising Hammer requires two Merbau Lumber so putting up a few stacks of two will entice Armorers looking to build one to buy yours over everyone else’s. Crafters will often see stacks of 99 for cheaper but pick a stack of three to five pieces at a higher price if they are planning to craft just one or two items. Just like you, they are looking to turn a profit and don’t want to spend more than they have to.final fantasy xiv gil

Speaking of profit, the last thing to consider when going into the lumber game is to perform cost calculations of logs versus lumber. If you see a lot of logs up and they are going for more than the lumber you have to put work in for, sell the raw logs instead. However, most of the time the logs will go for less so judge if buying enough to make lumber would net profit and buy them out. The goal with Carpenter is to always work smarter and not harder.
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