You need to receive an email notification when any user activates an administrative role. What should you do? a) Purchase Azure AD Premium 92 and configure Azure AD Privileged Identity Management. b) Purchase Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 and configure conditional access policies. c) P

09. You download an Azure Resource Manager template based on an existing virtual machine. The template will be used to deploy 100 virtual machines. You need to modify the template to reference an administrative password. You must prevent the password from being stored in plain text. What should you create to store the password? a) AZ-104 DumpsAzure Active Directory (AD) Identity Protection and an Azure policy b) a Recovery Services vault and a backup policy c) an Azure Key Vault and an access policy d) an Azure Storage account and an access policy 10. Your company is developing a line-of-business (LOB) application that uses the Azure loT Hub for gathering information from Internet of things (loT) devices.


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