The best ways to spend Gil in Final Fantasy XIV while on the free trial are to buy dyes

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The best ways to spend Gil in Final Fantasy XIV while on the free trial are to buy dyes, stat enhancing food, gear for your jobs from vendors, and ingredients for crafters. In addition, obtaining a certain rank with the Realm Reborn or Heavensward Beast Tribes will gain you access to their exclusive mounts which cost quite a bit of Gil! See below for more details on those.Be honest, you’re having trouble figuring out how to make more Gil as a Culinarian. It’s fairly well known that Culinarians have the lowest single item earning potential out of all of the Disciples of the Hand. What’s more, to really turn a good profit, you’ll want to level up Botanist and Fisher alongside it or face the wrath of high material prices. However, what Culinarian lacks in high-priced single items, they more than make up for in the consistency of sales. IE, your goal is to move lots of items to everyone and not a single high-priced item to those with deep pockets. Here’s everything we know about how to make more Gil as a Culinarian in Final Fantasy XIV.
The best ways to make Gil without crafting in Final Fantasy XIV are to focus on grinding mobs, unsynced dungeons and trials, building up your retainers, treasure maps, and fates. Oh, didn’t expect that last one? Read on to learn exactly how to turn your Black Mage into a Gil Earning machine that can challenge any crafter out ffxiv gil
Before we get to the best FFXIV beginner classes, here’s how the class/job system works. While your first choice is between the eight ‘base classes’ you’ll see on the character creation screen, you should know that these are just the starting classes. Once they reach level 30, the classes can be upgraded to their corresponding job (by doing the Job Quest). For example, if you choose the Gladiator as your Final fantasy 14 base class, you can switch to the Paladin job after reaching level 30.
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