Star Wars: The Old Republic developers explained Combat Styles

As the release of SWTOR 7.0 is getting closer and closer, many players are buying SWTOR Credits to prepare for this.

As the release of SWTOR 7.0 is getting closer and closer, many players are SWTOR Credits Buy to prepare for this. But recently the developers have also clarified and explained the Combat Styles in the game. They stated that there is an important exception for the main Combat Styles of existing characters. If players are eligible for it, they will choose their current mirror Combat Styles immediately after the 7.0 release.

For the release of 7.0, BioWare hopes to give players as much freedom as possible. They explained that if the player is a Jedi Knight or Jedi Consular, and there is at least one Dark Side away from 0, the players will get this option [Play your mirrored Force Combat Style]. Similarly, if the players are Sith Warrior or Sith Inquisitor, and have at least 1 point away from the Light Side of 0, the players will have this choice. This will have nothing to do with any Legacy unlocking or other SWTOR Credits. Once the character enters the game and makes or rejects the exchange option, the above rules will still apply.

For a brand new player, or a player who has not unlocked the Dark V/Light V achievement in their Legacy (Legacy of Sacrifice and Legacy of Unity), they will not be provided with the option of choosing the Combat Style of the opposite faction in the character to create or When they unlocked their second Combat Style, there was an exception. If the players who do not have these unlocks have been playing a role that is contrary to morality, they will receive an option to replace their current Combat Style with an equivalent camp after completing their third act story. In addition, when they are prompted to choose their second Combat Style, they will have all the power combat styles available. Force Origin Story players who have unlocked the Light V/Dark V achievement will not see any restrictions, and they can use all the Combat Styles when creating a character and choosing the second Combat Style.

As SWTOR’s design director Chris Schmidt explained, here is how Combat Styles works. If players want to get better results in battle, they need to prepare some SWTOR Credits.


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