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Two road games were played by Madden 22 coins the Browns this year Each game was determined by one score. I would guess that this will be a sign that this one will also be decided by one-score. It will be necessary to find ways to win in the Pacific time zone. This is something the Browns struggle with. The Browns are currently 0-9 on their 10 westward travels. Their last win came in 2012 (which was 27 years ago now for the Browns).

A quarterback who isn't very accurate will be joining the Browns for this game. Since the team completed 90.5 percent of his passes against the Texans in Week 2, Baker Mayfield has forgotten how to throw the football. In the last two weeks combined, Mayfield has thrown 30 incompletions (34 of 64) and completed just 53.1% of his passes. Of those 30 , I'm pretty certain 29 of them went over Odell Beckham's head on Sunday against Minnesota.

You might have noticed that the Chiefs did not attempt to punt in Week 4. In fact, it was the fourth time that two teams combined for zero punts in NFL history. The Chiefs' victory over Philadelphia.

Only reason I bring it up is that the Chiefs punter could be interested in going ahead and planning on taking off this week. Matt Haack, the Bills punter may want to get off for the day. I'm sure there aren't going to be very many punts made on Sunday night, and it's because this game will feature two of the three highest-scoring teams in the NFL. The Bills and Chiefs have scored 33.5 points per game this year, which is tied for the second in the league.

Both of these teams have a high scoring offense. I would say it will be a matter of the defense that is best. For Kansas City, comparing these two defenses is like trying to compare a covered wagon with the inside of a Ferrari: One is so much better than the other, it seems unjust to cheap mut coins compare the two.