Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires: Video presents some of the new mechanics of the tactically-smoked 1-VS-1000

Tecmo Koei and Omega Force musouu action specialists have released more details about Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires. Accordingly, one does not just build on the...


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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires - Official Gameplay Features Trailer

Team Goa and Omega Force Musou-action specialists have further details on Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires (from 55.99 € pre-order) published. Accordingly, one does not only build on the well-known 1-counter-1000 action, but would like to add tactical and strategic elements to the series with this offshoot. So it should e.g. not only possible to profile yourself with the sword on the battlefield, but also use diplomacy and tactical skill to get to his goal. As you can imagine that, this shows almost three and a half minutes long video with game scenes that can be found below.

In the official description of the developers, it says: The game includes scenarios that puts the player in different epochs and enables him to experience historical moments like the uprising of the yellow turbans and the battle of Chili themselves. However, they can History also rewrite by developing your own tactics. For example, the Union of China can be denied with all the still living officers of WU by gathering your favorite officers in a command, or by placing a rebellion to control the control of the card take over!

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Depending on the playing style, players are rewarded with one of six titles based on their reputation. By the title, the relationship between you and the other officers is changing. Special events show who are the perfect ones among the players and who is evil from the heart. In the scenarios one can also witness more intensive human dramas, or even deepen the relationship with his officers so that this offspring emerges. The children can also take an officer's runway and enable players to play the conquest mode again — this time in the role of the new officer whose growing up they can follow in the game.

Furthermore, one announced that before the previously scheduled for February 15, 2022, a demo will be a demo for 15 February 2022 on Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. In it, you will be u.a. Some castle luggage in re-screening or can offer the editor mode. The officers created here can then be transferred to the main game — assuming the platform is loyal to the platform that has been downloaded and played the demo.

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