Crcumambience of Kailash

Mount Kailash, this name must have been heard by many people for a long time, presumably many people have heard that it is because of the movie "Kang Rinpoche", it actually refers to one of the Tibet mountains. Many people choose to come to Mount Kailash to go to the mountains.

According to legend, pilgrims can wash away their sins in one round of the mountain, and they can avoid the suffering of 500 rebirths and go to hell after ten rounds of the mountain. The year of the horse can increase the merits by 12 times (that is, the equivalent of 13 laps in normal times). This also makes Mount Kailash more popular.


Zamplangdama, the last Tubo Dynasty, ordered Buddhism to be banned and promoted the local religion of Tibet, "the original religion", and Tibet immediately fell into a small-state melee that lasted for hundreds of years. The remote Mount Kailash’s Buddhist sanctuary, a descendant of the Tubo royal family who believed in Buddhism, Prince Jidni Magun, took more than a thousand knights to Burang County at the foot of Mount Kailash, and established a famous ancient Kingdom of Georgia, trying to revive Buddhism. Tibetan and Indian monks came one after another, and the declining Buddhism began to resurrect in Mount Kailash.


Mount Kailash is also known as the "Mountain of Cross" because, on the south side, which is commonly referred to as the front side, there is a huge and prominent cross groove. It is interpreted as a Buddhist swastika or swastika. The symbol of spiritual power means that the Buddhadharma will last forever, representing good fortune and protection.


Mount Kailash's preparation before Kailash Manasarovar Trek

  1. It is recommended to go to the mountain in summer, and the mountain will be closed in winter. You must bring more clothes. It’s already very cold in October. There is still snow on the mountain and the medical conditions are very bad. You must be careful not to catch a cold. It is best to stay in the plateau for a while before going to Ali to adapt to the plateau climate, such as Lhasa.
  2. Ensure adequate sleep the night before departure. You need to bring some foods such as Snickers to replenish energy and stamina. If you drink water, it is recommended to carry a warm water bottle. There is a replenishment station 10 kilometers away on the way.
  3. You must prepare a pair of durable and non-slip shoes when you turn to the mountain, and the sole must be thick.
  4. Pack light and don’t carry any extras.


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