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Ruffini's strategy appears to be working. And besides expanding its customer base, one of Moncler Genius's brightest ideas might be its influence on the designers themselves, whether that means helping them execute new ideas, develop highly advanced product, or simply see the inner workings of a massively successful luxury brand. "What I find really impressive about Moncler," Green says, "is that they're a brand that has huge commercial success and heritage, but they are still taking risks.

Moncler has been protecting from the elements since 1952. Look at Virgil Abloh's first runway show for Louis Vuitton, which boasted Broadway - level production values and a front row any awards show producer would kill for.

Always innovating, the brand presented its latest season in digital format via MONDOGENIUS, a virtual show that brought the world of Moncler to Moncler Jacket an even wider audience.

Marcolin Group's Moncler Outlet eyewear collection, which reflects technological innovation and combines aesthetics with functionality, includes silhouettes designed for mountain and city wear, as well as models in timeless and retro styles.

The Maire is an iconic Moncler womenswear piece. This down jacket features comfortable lines and is crafted in resistant nylon laque to face any unexpected weather. The style showcase an elegant design with a detachable hood and high - performance elements that guarantee comfort and the ability to move freely.

We knew that we weren't going to be doing a physical event, so we used it as an opportunity as the first time Moncler Outlet US that we can present the Moncler collection outdoors to see it in a different setting. Usually we do a massive installation in a room where we try to control the environment.



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