Why Miami is beach lovers’ paradise

Miami Beach serves as one of the hottest vacation spots in the country.

Miami Beach serves as one of the hottest vacation spots in the country. But there is a lot more to this city than sunshine and bikinis. The beach offers warm turquoise waters, soft sand and gentle breezes to seduce the visitors so that they can feel that when they are in Miami, every day is a beach day. The beach spans more than 20 miles of Atlantic coastline taking the center stage and topping every visitor’s to-do list. Before you plan to visit Miami, do not miss checking out some of the best budget hotels in Miami.

So here are some facts that might surprise you about Miami beach.

Great Place To Stargaze:

Everybody knows what stargazing is, but here it’s not about sitting on the beach and looking at the stars in the sky. Miami Beach is a top and frequent chillout spot for A-list celebrities. This could be because of the city’s close proximity to South Beach but also with the luxurious city of Palm Beach. So, if you get lucky enough, you might get to see your favorite celebrities and meet them personally.

Largest Art Deco Architecture:

In Miami beach, there are more than 800 buildings that feature the beautiful Art Deco style of architecture which makes it by far the largest collection of this kind of architecture in the entire world. Some historic districts like Flamingo Park, Espanola Way make up the National Register Art Deco District.

Land Of Hidden Treasures:

Pirates like Gasparilla and Blackbeard left many treasures in the nearby ocean as local legends say. Treasure hunters have also found many silvers and golds over the years both on and off land near the beach. So, if you are hoping to find anything, Miami beach might be a great place to start with. You might get lucky enough to find a treasure.

Man-Made Beach:

Miami Beach is one of the largest man-made islands in the United States. Once it used to be a desolated area with a coconut grove plantation. People never imagined that it now would be among the world’s most popular tourist spots.

Diversity and Beauty:

The beach is filled with people from different cultures around the world. It is calculated that over 60 different languages are spoken here and there are at least 150 ethnicities on the beach. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what your culture is because you will definitely find someone who belongs to the same culture or speak the same language as you. The area has also different cultural venues to visit.

Bordered By Two National Parks:

The beach shares borders with two different national parks, one is Biscayne National Park and the other is Everglades National Park. This makes it the only city in the United States to share common borders with two different national parks. Both the parks are known for their diverse ecosystems, natural beauty and massive collection of exotic flora and fauna. Some rare species like the Floridian leopard, manatees and the American crocodile and also be found in these wildlife sanctuaries.

So, if you are craving a vacation on the beach or if you have a love for the beach, then Miami Beach would be a perfect place to visit.  


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