Preparation Work And Heat Treatment For Tungsten Carbide Precision Part Machining

Tungsten carbide precision part machining technology is more and more widely adopted. It is essential and important in the precision part factory.

tungsten carbide precision parts

Tungsten carbide precision part machining technology is more and more widely adopted. It is essential and important in the precision part factory. The article mainly introduces useful knowledge about carbide precision part processing, such as four preparation work, heat treatment of the precision parts.

Four Preparations Must Be Done For Machining Tungsten Carbide Precision Part

There are three preparation stages when performing carbide precision parts machining.

1.Preparation stage

Before the precision machining of tungsten carbide, you need to analyze the pattern of processing parts, then determine the machining scheme, such as a process, selecting machine tool, processing cutting volume, tool, fixture, etc, and calculate the coordinate value of the tool path. It is worth spending some time for these necessary preparations, which can make your tungsten carbide parts machining are more smoothly completed.

2.Programming stage

After getting the process route and drawings, we need to write a CNC machining program language describing the processing based on the processing technology information, which can be identified by the system. Do a good job in programming, which isone of the key steps for precision parts machining.

3. Machining stage

When the program is executed, the machine tool system decodes, registers, and calculates the program, and sends a motion command to the machine servo mechanism, driving the moving parts of the machine tool automatically completing the precision parts processing.

The above three preparation stages are the indispensable steps before processing precision parts, which is a process from the drawing to the machining.

Points For Attention In Heat Treatment Of Tungsten Carbide Precision Part

In order to improve the performance of tungsten carbide precision parts, material cutting performance and eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, some heat treatment procedures should be arranged in the machining process.

1. Preparatory heat treatment

The purpose of pre-heat treatment is to improve the cutting performance of the material, eliminate residual stress during blank manufacturing. Commonly used methods include annealing, normalizing.

2. Eliminate residual stress

Since the internal stress generated during the fabrication of the blank will cause the workpiece to deform and affect the machining quality, heat treatment must be arranged to eliminate residual stress. The best arrangement of the heat treatment for eliminating residual stress is after rough machining and before fine finishing. For parts that do not require high precision, annealing is usually performed before the blank enters the workshop to eliminate residual stress. For high-precision cemented carbide parts, such as precision screws, precision spindles, multiple heat treatments should be arranged to eliminate residual stress, and even ice-cold treatment is often used to stabilize size.

3.Final finish

The purpose of final processing is to increase the strength, surface hardness and wear resistance and is usually performed prior to grinding of tungsten carbide precision parts. Commonly used are quenching, carburizing, nitriding and carbonitride.

Therefore, in the tungsten carbide part machining, in order to improve the mechanical properties of the precision parts, heat treatment is essential, so that the processing quality conforms to the product requirements.


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