WWE 2K22 microtransactions may be coming

WWE 2K22 is still several months out, but the bits and pieces of information that have leaked out indicate some major changes this year.

With VC (Virtual Currency) set to arrive and bring in microtransactions, we're taking a look at how that could affect different game modes in WWE 2K22.WWE 2K22 news has been pretty scarce since the title was officially delayed to a future release date in March 2022, but a few leaks have given us a good idea of how things could be changing.

The leak came from an official website for the WWE 2K franchise. When the WWE 2K CDN was scraped, several previously undiscovered images were identified in a folder intended for WWE 2K22’s store’s assets. These images featured coins labeled with “VC,” a term that will be familiar to NBA 2K and PGA Tour 2K franchises. Three images were discovered, each with distinct amounts of VC, including a chest of golden VC coins with a WWE logo emblazoned on it. It seems WWE 2K22 will have a proprietary in-game currency.

ikingSizeGamer tweeted, “A WWE 2K CDN hosted by 2KSports is publicly accessible and shows illustrations and 3D renders for VC in a folder labeled 2K22/Store. Purchases in #WWE2K22 look like they’re heading the NBA route with VC available in bulk up to 450,000, roughly worth $100. More in a video soon.”

What WWE 2K22 microtransactions are going to be added?
It's not all bad news. WWE 2K22 will apparently bring back the GM mode that's been missing in the series since 2008, which is cool. That coolness is dwarfed by VikingSizeGamer's tweet that "Purchases in #WWE2K22 look like they're heading the NBA route with VC available in bulk up to 450,000, roughly worth $100." That's... not good, and to add fuel to the fire there's some convincing renders that VikingSizeGamer uploaded as well in the tweet.

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