Raglan T-Shirts: Popular Styles And Patterns Available In The Clothing

These t-shirts are the modern pattern of raglan t-shirts that several customers prefer nowadays to be a little more trending.

The raglan t-shirt has brought a change in the history of t-shirts and casual clothes. Earlier, people only used t-shirts for a homestay and a good night's sleep. But the trending pattern of raglan t-shirts has changed the way people look at t-shirts. You can get several sleeve patterns in blank t-shirts that make them different from any other brand. Here we will discuss the various patterns available in the raglan t-shirts that a person could buy.

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Different Varieties Available In A Raglan T-Shirt-

  • Straight Seem

It is a pattern that was the first sleeve pattern introduced by the raglan t-shirts. These t-shirts start from the underarm and go behind the neckline, continuing with the shoulder. Sports personalities usually prefer these t-shirts as they are exclusive and give a great sports look. People can even buy straight seem t-shirts for their kids, as the range is available for kids of different age groups.

  • Semi Raglan T-Shirt

These are the t-shirts that are utterly perfect for people with broader shoulder muscles. Men usually love to show off their broader shoulders. That's why they go for these t-shirts. People preferring semi-raglan can go for the best combination, which is nevi blue and off white. Semi-raglan t-shirts are available in the quarter sleeve as well as in half sleeve. People who consider buying regular t-shirts can easily buy semi-raglan as they are almost similar.

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  • Gathered Sleeve Pattern

People who want to wear t-shirts but also want to hint at some dramatic dress can go for gathered sleeves. These sleeves are also unisex, but usually, women and kids love to wear t-shirts. These are the gathered sleeve pattern t-shirts that get a cloth gathering between the shoulder and the sleeve. 

  • Saddle Sleeves

This is a pattern that has originated from women's blouses and tops. Women love to get the saddle sleeve pattern, especially in their highly comfortable raglan t-shirts. However, women who love to wear the traditional curvy sleeve pattern can choose the saddle sleeve pattern. They are very different from the straight, raglan, or semi raglan t-shirts. They give a hint of a trending top more than a t-shirt. They have a curve in their stitching while running close to the shoulder.


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