Paper Silhouette Range Shooting Targets Sale Toronto

Paper Silhouette Range Shooting Targets Sale Toronto

Paper Silhouette Range Shooting Targets Sale Toronto tob outdoors sell Paper Silhouette Range Shooting Targets,gun cleaner,gun cases,gun sling,Hunting Gear Canada.

Perfect for accuracy and precision practice, training for upcoming competitions, shooting games, and self-defense training. Mount it on the wall or use a free-standing hanging bracket, good both indoors and outdoors.

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A human silhouette and 4 zone target areas, one on the head, and one on the chest two others on the top sides. Large 17 x 25 Inches targets folded once and packaged flat in a 13X17.5 Inches carton.

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Usable with a range of different weapons, such as high-caliber guns like rifles, handguns, shotguns, Air-soft, BB guns, and pellet guns.

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I noticed some people complaining that the paper wasn't as thick as other brands; big deal. The paper is 24 bond thickness, plenty thick enough to hang straight and not tear in the wind. These are about 15% smaller silhouettes than official competition targets. I like these better. Competition targets are larger than life, these are more realistic and closer to real life size. Aim small - miss small.

Don't like spending 2$ a target at your range, then get a box of these, or two!!

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pretty good value, might recommend spending a few extra dollars maybe getting a larger size though, at 10 yards it a bit hard to see wholes on a black and white target. other then that they are shipped folded, theres a crease but thats just being nitpicky.

I am very happy with these targets. I find some targets are difficult to see in a darker indoor range, but these worked well both indoors and outdoors up to 100' (so far).

This was great to use with our Ar and then we stuck some repair glow targets on it for continued use did not fall apart or rip
A little smaller than the targets you get at the range but still perfect.

nice targets, a bit thin, but a staple gun will fix that, saves $$ at the range, really like the design, its really 4 targets in one, like that a lot.

No reason to pay ridiculous prices for targets at the range. They're on the smaller side but not too small.

Great value for money. Whenever going to the range, better take your own targets and this one is perfect for this.

Awesome target that is bigger than I expected. Very sturdy thickness that holds well and just flap around. Great value, will definitely buy more when I run out.

Overall these are great targets for the money.
The only negative is that they are a little on the thin side and don’t do too well outside in wet weather. Much better than shooting at paper plates though! I will definitely keep buying these targets.


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