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Now it is finally completed: Microsoft has confirmed to finish the removal of the Xbox Cloud Gaming Service. Like the US company ..


Now it is finally completed: Microsoft has confirmed the expansion of the Xbox Cloud Gaming Service finished. As the US company announced in the summer of this year, the hardware structure was steadily renewed over the past few months.

Update from 08.10.2021:

Thus, the service in the future can use the bank away from a huge performance boost - consider the old structure based on the Xbox One S. Whenever, when the full availability of the new hardware power is expected, remains at the moment still open. So far, the cloud offer is still limited to a maximum resolution of 1080p at most 60 images the second.

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The project Cloud Gaming is not yet where Microsoft wants it. Immediately on several fronts, work continues to work . In addition to the implementation of an Xbox app for streaming operation via smart TVs, Xbox insiders of the alpha ring recently received a new update that makes it possible to use the Xcloud service on old gene consoles, such as the Xbox One and One S to use. In addition, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan were recently connected four more countries to Xbox Cloud Gaming. (Source: The Verge)

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Xbox Game Pass: Cloud Gaming gets a level up

As Microsoft was already insured on June 10, the hardware upgrade of the data centers for the Xbox Cloud Gaming is in the final sprint. In plain language this means that the previous Xbox One S based structure has now finally deserted and clears the place for the current Next-Gen hardware in the form of Xbox Series X.

Now this measure also seems to provide first practical results. Many games like Gears 5, The Elders Scrolls Online or Minecraft Dungeons have already got an update.

In addition to improved optics and up to 120 pictures per second, an advantage is particularly good to advantage: Significantly shorter loading times let you jump much faster in your favorite game.

Xcloud: Microsoft wants to further expand the service

An official statement from Microsoft has hitherto been failed, but further plans for the game streaming service are already visible on the horizon. Thus, the load gene strong should benefit from the Xcloud service.

Cloud Gaming (Beta) on PC Walkthrough | Xbox Game Pass Ultimate The project: Owners of older Xbox consoles will have the opportunity in the future to stream next-games on their consoles as part of the Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft suggests the bridge and brings older hardware at this point on board. Also so-called cloud-native, so games to which you will have access to the cloud, are topic.

The plan also provides a new dashboard feature. This innovation will ensure that you can jump in a game before the actual download to try it before you decide to download.

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