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Kaczrowski who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, admits that RuneScape gold he wears an appearance to blend in with society. But his inner voice tells him to get up and go and get excited. He has to deal with conflicting emotions every day. Kaczrowski loves George Winston as a pianist. The very first song he performed during Jingle Bells, Winston's Thanksgiving was an indication of how an Asperger's sufferers feel today. Kaczrowski said, "I feel like I've achieved a lot." "I have overcome challenges but there are still many hurdles."

Why has RSBuddy's Bot Client been shut down? Bots have transformed the RuneScape gameplay. The game has seen bots becoming more commonplace after the introduction of free trading and the recent announcements from Jagex.

If you're like many others and you love RuneScape, then you know bots can make playing more difficult. Bots are also used by gold farmers to destroy RuneScape to a large extent for their own profit. Jagex has made a great effort to solve this problem. We hope you will be able to join us to share the joy of the game with real people.

This may seem like a sudden change of heart for some. Watch my interview with Ability44 online. Does this mean the end of all RuneScape botting now? Yes. I'm sure you won't be seeing the return of major bot clients to RuneScape, and the tiny amount of auto-clickers and screen-scrapers that are left will be dealt with very soon.

Another bot site claims that they will be up and running in the next few days. Why should we not believe them? The other bot sites are claiming for a while that they'll fix their bots within the next couple of weeks or days: If I chosen to release the RSBuddy 1.5 to the public and it was required another overhaul within a couple of days. It's amazing how far they are further behind than other botting websites and this is evident by the fact that none of buy old school runescape gold them was updated at the end this week. Don't be shocked.


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