The Best Cricket Games for Android

If you’re an avid cricket fan and looking to get your fix on the go, then look no further. There are a plethora of cricket games available on the Android platform that can provide you with plenty of entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a realistic simulation of the game or something more casual, there is something out there for everyone. Let us take a look at some of the best cricket games available for Android devices.

World Cricket Championship 3
This game is all about action-packed arcade style gameplay as opposed to simulation based mechanics like Real Cricket™ 18 or International Test Cricket. World Cricket Championship 3 has many different modes such as challenge mode where you can compete against AI opponents or online multiplayer where you can compete against friends or players from around the world. It also has stunning 3D visuals which help bring this game to life in grand fashion! Dowwnload link:

Real Cricket™ 18
Real Cricket™ 18 is one of the most popular cricket games for android today. It has stunning graphics, smooth gameplay and most importantly realistic physics to provide an immersive experience. You can play in various tournaments like T20 World Cup, Asia Cup, Champions Trophy as well as test matches and local leagues. The game also features unique challenges every day to keep it fresh and exciting.

International Test Cricket
If you’re looking for a more realistic simulation of the sport then International Test Cricket is the way to go. This game has been around since 1999 but still holds its own against newer titles due to its focus on realism rather than flashy graphics or gimmicks. It simulates both ODIs (One Day Internationals) and test matches with great accuracy and provides both batsman and bowler perspectives which gives it an edge over other titles in terms of realism.

These three cricket games each offer something different while providing plenty of fun and engaging gameplay experiences that any cricket enthusiast would enjoy playing on their Android device! Real Cricket™ 18 offers stunning graphics and realistic physics while International Test Cricket provides a more accurate simulation experience along with multiple perspectives while World Cricket Championship 2 focuses on arcade style gameplay with beautiful 3D visuals thrown in for good measure! So if you're an avid fan of cricket then be sure to check out these three amazing games!