How Do I Get A Refund From Iberia | Canceled Flight

Iberia always takes care of every requirement of the passengers, and sometimes they refuse you to board the flight. Due to some unexpected situation, Iberia denies boarding, and in this case, passengers look for a refund. According to the Iberia airlines refund policy, you will obtain the eligible amount, and to request a refund, you need to read the below points:

To start, you need to open the Iberia airlines official website at any preferred search browser.
Then, you need to proceed to the manage reservation option available on the website.
At there, you need to type the reservation code with your last name and tap on the submit button.
With this, you will get into the booking with Iberia airlines and see the multiple reservations.
You need to choose the flight that is canceled by Iberia airlines and tap on the get a refund button.
You will see the refund form that you need to fill out and add the relevant details on the new screen.
Once you submit the form, Iberia will notify you about the refund and initiate it within 7-10 working days.
Also, they will send you the confirmation message at your registered email id immediately.

Moreover, if you cannot request a refund online, you can get through with the customer service team. They will help you to understand the Iberia airlines cancellation policy and allow you to get back the money for flight cancellation. To reach the representative, you can choose the different contact modes available on their website.