In recent years company registration has been simplified very much. Now, company registration can be done online without hiring an agent or a lawyer for company name registration in Australia.

There are two types of business undertakings in Australia: a company and a sole trader. Only a company can issue shares to investors whereas there is no limit on the number of investors with whom the individual traders can share their profits or losses. A company is identified with ‘PTY LTD’, which stands for Private limited Company; by contrast, Sole Trader’s business name is abbreviated as ‘PTY’ or ‘PTY LTD’.

It is necessary to file company registration first before doing business in Australia. You can either buy company registration online or offline. However, company registration made with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) is considered as the most authenticated and reliable company formation process; you will find it most helpful for company incorporation in near future.

Which type of company suits your business? How to register company names online? After company Registration – What is next? To know more about how to make a company and what are all things we need during company formation, read: ” Steps To Form A Company In Australia ” and if you want to make a website after company registration, start with: ” How to Create a Company Website in Australia? “ How to Register company name online – Is it necessary for company registration? Yes, company registration is required before starting business activities in Australia. It is a very important step because company registration helps you acquire a business name and a business number for your company or company branch. You can also file company registration online at ASIC website with various payment options available there. How long does it take to register a company? It takes around 10-25 working days from the date of filing an application for company formation/registration till the date of company incorporation certificate issue, depending on your selected method of incorporation. However, ASIC gives 7 days processing time on company incorporation applications. What is a company incorporation certificate? For company registration in Australia company incorporation certificate is issued by ASIC. Number of company formation certificates are issued by ASIC based on company registration approvals, but a company incorporation certificate is one which is printed & mailed to company incorporators/administrators for further company use/reference mentioning your business address with your business name etc.

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