Timesheet apps are best known for their ability to help you track time, not only during work hours but also during personal hours. If you’re new to the concept of timesheets, this guide is your best starting point in understanding what it’s all about and how best we can make use of it in our daily lives.

What is a Timesheet?

A timesheet, simply put, is a sheet or record used in accounting and payroll. It records the amount of time spent on tasks and activities and these data aid managers when planning cost-effective business strategies. Well-kept timesheets enable managers to see where company resources are being used best 1. The tracking part gives way to quantifiable information like productivity output rates which can then be used in forecasting, budgeting and planning the best way forward.

A timesheet is more than just a sheet. It’s the best tool for tracking time spent on activities or tasks which you can then use to measure your productivity levels. Check our time tracker software today.Though best known for accounting purposes, timesheet software is also valuable in non-accounting areas like project management. Let’s take a look at how best we can use this information to our advantage.

Timesheets show whether certain tasks were completed on schedule or not which gives managers valuable insights about what works best for their employees. Armed with these facts, they try to improve.

Timesheet apps are best used among teams that work together toward specific goals. They are especially helpful when tracking projects, individualizing work hours per client/task, delegating responsibilities to members of staff best suited for certain tasks and monitoring departmental performance. For example, if you’re in charge of managing design team members who specialize in different aspects.

Timesheet software is any type of software that can help you track time which can then be exported for analysis using common reports. It may or may not have other features like billing, invoicing or employee timesheets .