We should not fail to remember that there are many kinds of such blunders on Cash App when they happen and it resembles that account is closed. Cash App incapable of login on this gadget and Cash App can't confirm your personality are two such blunders that dishonestly persuade clients to imagine that their Cash App account has closed. In any case, the fact of the matter is very unique. These blunders don't have anything to do with a prohibition for you. Peruse and realize this present how on fix Cash App login errors?
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All in all, the million-dollar question is how to check to assume that your Cash App account is closed? The answer is basic. Simply browse out your email or SMS inbox as you more likely than not got a message clarifying why Cash App has prohibited your account. If you have not gotten any mail or message then, at that point, go ahead and request an explanation from Cash App client support.